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Shoot it. Process it. Take full control.
Instructor: Jason Byal
Thursday nights from 6:00p-9:00p.
Consecutive 4 Week classes on Thursday nights
Start date: TBA, please e-mail to be put on list) 
Cost: $175

Week 1- In the first class we will talk about how to choose/ buy the right film for your needs such as grain structure, contrast, and ISO. We will also cover special techniques, history, exposure, and the use of filters.

Week 2-  Process your film! We will cover the basics of small tank developing, and get an understanding about how the chemistry works. Bring your exposed film that you shot, a notebook, and a standard 3 ring binder. This particular class may run a bit longer to 9:30p.

Week 3-  Making a print! In this class we will learn about darkroom basics, photo paper, how to operate a photo enlarger, how photo chemistry works, and how to make an enlargement from your negative.

Week 4-  A short critique of work that was printed by fellow students from prior week. Then back into the darkroom for more printing. Instructor will be available for 1 on 1 help and questions through-out the night. 

Bonus! Last Saturday of the month receive additional 1 on 1 print/ process support and 4 hours of free darkroom time. Print paper not included.

*All workshops require to be paid in full. This will ensure you a seat and help us prepare the lab. We accept cash, check, and *paypal (paypal.me/JasonByal). If class does not meet it's minimum attendance full refund will be given.

*After using paypal please email: jason@positive-negative.org to confirm the workshop and month you are attending.

Black and White workshops and classes:

To Be Announced once darkroom is completed!